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5th Annual Super Marketing Conference

Thursday, June 4, 2015, 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., MCLE, Milstein Hall, Boston

Law firm marketing, in 2015, is a whole different ball of wax-especially compared to what it was even five years ago.  Before web-based marketing mastered the public consciousness, lawyers could 'hang shingles' and expect client traffic to commence; law firms could place advertisements in paper publications, without ever reconsidering self-publication alternatives; attorneys viewed websites as luxuries.  The rise of the internet, most especially social media, has led to a sea change in the way in which professionals market their services.  Traditional advertisements have morphed into two-way conversations; engagement is the new touchstone.  Law firms no longer need to uncover publication sources when blogs have become a standard medium in legal, and where the reach of those blogs can be expanded through leveraging social media accounts.  The revised shopfront is an effective website, buttressed by a robust, continually-expanding social presence.  Time was, lawyers could count their marketing efforts on one hand; but modern law firm marketing is a Hydra.  The question is how to master the beast and convert it into an efficient selling machine.


Each year, the Super Marketing Conference gathers together nationally prominent legal marketing experts who provide the latest tips and tricks for attorneys looking for an edge in a hyper-competitive environment.


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