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Elections and Annual Meeting

Voting is now open!
Annual Meeting: June 25 at Club Cafe
It is time to elect your new Board of Directors! 
Please review the candidate statements and vote for your Directors online by clicking here
You will be asked to enter your name so that we can confirm you are a member. You must be a regular member of the Mass LGBTQ Bar Association to vote in this election (please note that student members are not eligible to vote).  You may confirm the status of your membership by visiting our website or contact our membership chair, Jennifer Collins
Eligible members can vote before 6pm on June 25th, either online or by paper ballot at the Annual Meeting on June 25th before 6pm.  
Our new Board of Directors will be announced at our annual meeting, which will be held at Club Cafe (209 Columbus Ave, Boston) on Wednesday, June 25 from 6-8 pm.  We hope to see all of our members there!
If you have any questions about the election or voting process, please contact a member of the nominating committee:  Jennifer Collins, M. Barusch, or Rolando Medina.  
Thank you for your participation!   

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