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Statement on Boston College Law School Vandalism

Part of the mission of the Mass LGBTQ Bar Association is to support, empower and mentor LGBTQ and ally law students because law students are the future of the legal profession.  We stand in solidarity with students at Boston College Law School and in that spirit would like to share the statement their Lambda group issued regarding recent vandalism of their space.




Statement to the Members of Boston College Law School and to Members of the Community at Large:

The vandalism that occurred last week on the walls of the Lambda Law Students Association’s office was an offensive and juvenile act that runs counter to the accepting environment at Boston College Law School. Our law school has come a very long way to become the inclusive institution that it is today, where diversity is both promoted and celebrated by the students, faculty and administration. We will not allow the reprehensible actions of one person undermine all of the progress that we have made as a community at our school.

The homophobic, sexist, and racist language used to tarnish our office was a serious offense and we are treating it as such. As an organization, we are troubled that such acts continue to take place today, and hope that efforts to marginalize or discriminate against any group will soon cease to exist. In the meantime, we will continue to represent our community and ourselves in the only way that we know how—out and PROUD.

In the wake of this vandalism, Lambda has received an immense amount of support from the administration, professors, alumni, and fellow students. True to the tradition of our institution, our community has come together, supporting our members and our organization to the fullest. We are grateful for the outpouring of love that we have received.

Instead of allowing this negative act to degrade us, Lambda aims to turn this unfortunate incident into a positive, increasing awareness about our community and galvanizing support to guarantee the full measure of equality and dignity for all individuals. From

Stonewall to President Obama’s inclusion of gay rights in his 2013 inaugural address, this incident is a strong reminder of how far we have come and the work we still have left to do.





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