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Administrative Committee

The Nominating and Elections Committee vets potential candidates and makes nominations and recommendations for bar association appointments and judicial seats.  The Committee also develops and vets candidates for the Mass LGBTQ Bar Board of Directors and coordinates election logistics, including preparing the call for nominations.  The Nominating Committee is co-chaired by Gavin Alexander(Gavin.Alexander@RopesGray.com) and Elizabeth Roberts (eroberts@robertssauer.com). 

The Audit Committee is charged with oversight of financial reporting and disclosure, as well as internal operations of the Mass LGBTQ Bar.  It is chaired by Gavin Alexander (Gavin.Alexander@RopesGray.com).

The Section Liason is charged with overseeing the operations of the Mass LGBTQ Bar’s Sections as well as serving as a liaison to the Board for the Sections.  Ari Kristan (ari.kristan@gmail.com) and John Donnelly (John.M.Donnelly@state.ma.us) serve as the Board’s Section Liasons.

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