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Law Students & Mentoring Committees

The Mass LGBTQ Bar takes its responsibility to foster future LGBTQ lawyers very seriously.  As such, the Mass LGBTQ Bar has a number of committees that deal exclusively with law students.
The Law Student Committee coordinates Mass LGBTQ Bar’s formal outreach to law students and law schools, and plans the annual Law Student Reception. Each year, the Mass LGBTQ Bar holds an annual Law Student Reception which is customarily hosted by a Boston law firm. The Law Student Reception attracts new and returning law students as well as attorneys and judges from all over the state. It is one of Mass LGBTQ Bar’s most attended and most popular events. The Committee is chaired by Joseph Lucia (joseph.lucia@state.ma.us), and the Law Student Reception sub-committee is led by Sarah Fischer (sfischer@goodwinlaw.com).

In addition, the Law Student Committee is also responsible for organizing follow-up “fireside chat” events after the Law Student Reception. At these events, members of the Mass LGBTQ Bar travel to area law schools to meet with students on a smaller-scale basis than at the Law Student Reception. Each school is free to set up the event to fit their needs and interests and events have ranged from speaker panels to group discussions to cocktail receptions. The Law Student Committee works with the Mentoring Committee to ensure that law students get the benefit of the bar association’s mentoring-focused law student outreach, too. It is for these purposes that the Mass LGBTQ Bar has a designated Board Member to interact with each of the Massachusetts law schools. These Board Members are:


 • Boston College Law School –  Joseph Lucia 
 • Boston University School of Law – Peter Hahn 
 • Harvard Law School – Gavin Alexander
 • Massachusetts School of Law – Joseph Lucia 
 • New England Law | Boston – Nan Sauer
 • Northeastern University School of Law – (currently open)

 • Suffolk Law School – Sarah Fischer 
 • University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth School of Law – Mario Nimock 
 • Western New England University School of Law – Lisa Lippiello  
The Mentoring Committee builds creative programming to meet the needs of LGBTQ law students and lawyers at all stages in their careers, and administers the Mass LGBTQ Bar’s Mentoring Program. The Mentoring Committee is chaired by Peter Hahn (peter@peterhahnlaw.com), Andrew Collins (Collins.ajm@gmail.com) and Gavin Alexander (gavin.alexander@ropesgray.com).  To find more information about the Mentoring Program, including current attorney and law student applications for 2018-2019, click here.

The Scholarship Committee administers the Alexander G. Gray, Jr., Scholarship, whereby the Mass LGBTQ Bar awards up to $5,000 to one Massachusetts law student to defray the costs associated with law school, such as tuition, fees, books, and similar school-related expenses. To find more information about this Scholarship, please visit our Alec Gray Scholarship page.

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