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Mass LGBTQ Bar and MAHA Co-Sponsor Event Honoring First Justice Angela Ordoñez

OCTOBER 20, 2011 - On Thursday, October 20, 2011, the Mass LGBTQ Bar Association and the Massachusetts Association of Hispanic Attorneys (“MAHA”) co-sponsored a reception to honor Norfolk Probate & Family Court’s First Justice Angela Ordoñez.  The event was held eight months after Judge Ordoñez’s appointment as First Justice, which enabled Judge Ordoñez to speak extensively about new programs at Norfolk Probate & Family Court and to describe the current state of the Court in light of the budgetary cut-backs and the hiring freeze.  

Judge Ordoñez has an extensive background in public service and was an Assistant Register of Probate and a staff attorney in the Family Law Unit of Greater Boston Legal Services.  Prior to becoming a judge, she was an active member on both the Mass LGBTQ Bar and MAHA.  Judge Angela M. Ordoñez was sworn in as Associate Justice of the Nantucket Probate and Family Court Department in June of 2000 and served as First Justice of that Court from 2000-2005.  In October 2008, she was sworn in by Governor Deval Patrick as an Associate Justice of the Norfolk Probate and Family Court. In February 2011, Chief Justice Paula Carey appointed her as First Justice of Norfolk Probate and Family Court.

Nearly 50 people attended the reception, which was held at the BBA, including members of Judge Ordoñez’s family, the judiciary, members of the Norfolk Probate & Family Court, Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz and US Attorney Carmen Ortiz.   Judge Ordoñez’s speech to the group highlighted a new program, Attorneys Representing Children. 

If you are interested in being included on the list of attorneys who is willing to represent a child in Norfolk Probate & Family Court, please notify Elizabeth A. Roberts at eroberts@toddweld.com.

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