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CTI Event: "Cruel & Unusual" Screening

As part of Transgender Awareness Week (Nov. 12-20, 2011), which is dedicated to educating people about the transgender community and the pressing issues they face in Massachusetts and the Nation, the Committee on Transgender Inclusion (CTI) will be hosting a screening of Cruel & Unusual on November 14, 2011 from 6:00-8:00 PM at AIDS Action Committee on 75 Amory Street (near the Jackson Square T stop).

Cruel & Unusual is a documentary film in which five transgender women share their experiences behind bars. Though they consider themselves women, their male genitalia forces them into men's prisons, where they face unspeakable abuse from both inmates and officials. Easy targets on the inside and frequently denied the medical care and hormone treatments they require, these inmates spend years caught between worlds, making their sentences even harder to bear.


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